Module 13: Non Timber Forest Products: Growing Opportunities

Glossary - Module 13

aesthetic: pleasing to the eye; attractive.

antioxidants: a family of chemicals that help boost the immune system, strengthen the vascular system and delay aging of some tissues.

anthocyanins: chemicals that help improve eysight and other functions.

biodiversity: a term that represents the degree of diversity of forest communities, species and genetics. Conserving biodiversity is a common and worthwhile goal.

bioproduct: a commodity that is derived from living material, and which is available on a renewable basis.

conifers: cone-bearing trees, usually with needles as foliage. Cedars are the exception, with scale-like leaves.

distillation: a process by which steam is used to render a product, such as an oil, from plant material.

essential oils: fragrant and aromatic products derived from plant material.

extirpate: cause to be extinct from a specific geographical area.

mycelium: a mat of fungal material, usually found below ground level, from which reproductive structures, such as mushrooms, can grow.

niche: a special place or habitat.

NTFP: Non Timber Forest Product: goods derived from forest plants or animals, other than timber or firewood.

nutraceutical: a food or food component that is scientifically proven to provide physiological, medical or health benefits, and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease.

pharmaceutical: in the context of NTFPs, a medical drug derived or synthesized from plant extracts.

silviculture: the art and science of growing and tending forest crops, based on a knowledge of silvics.

spalting: a chemical reaction caused by the interaction of a fungus on wood, usually resulting in a well-defined black line.

spile: a small spigot, usually metal, that is tapped into a tree for sap production. A sap collection bucket is often hung on the spile.

symbiotic: a mutually beneficial relationship from which both organisms benefit.

wildcrafting: the art and skill of gathering wild products for human use or consumption.

xylitol: a simple sugar that can be extracted from the bark of birch trees.