Module 11: Roads and Trails: Planning it Right from the Start

Appendix A : References

Available from the DNR library (902) 424-8633:

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  10. FERIC Notes - See Roads and Bridges series for 2-page technical reports on new equipment, building materials, culverts, arches, bridges, etc

Other useful publications:

  1. Fish Habitat Care and Trout, Salmon and Silt, Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) (902) 426-3760
  2. Contractors and Operators. Best Management Practises Manual, Nova Forest Alliance (902) 639-2921

Recreational trail web sites:

  1. A Forest Landowner's Guide to the Internet - Recreational Trail Design and Construction
  2. Pathways for People - Trail Design to Minimize Environmental Damage and Enhance User Enjoyment
  3. Recreational Forest Trails: Plan for Success