Module 9: Woodlot Recreation

Glossary of Key Terms - Appendix C

Aesthetics: How something looks, a value judgement based on appearance.

ATV: All terrain vehicles- generally 4 or 6 wheeled vehicles built for traveling in rough terrain.

Biodiversity: Variety and amount of each and all species in a forest or other environment.

Blowdown: A tree or pile up of trees blown down by the wind.

Cruise: Walking through a woodlot for the purpose of determining a specific factor like volume of wood or trail conditions.

dbh: diameter at breast height (1.32 metres).

Edge: The line between forest and open areas or between stands.

Erosion: The washing away of top soil caused by rain, or other water action.

Flag: To mark trees or other objects with tape by tying onto a branch or the trunk.

Flagging tape: Coloured plastic or biodegradable tape for tying to trees.

IRM: Managing or planning for several objectives or uses at the same time

Maple Bush: A thinned, mature maple stand that is used for sap collection to make maple syrup and other maple products.

Orienteering:A competitive, outdoor sport involving completing a course using map and compass.

Overstory: The top layer or oldest of trees in a stand.

Puncheon: A simple bridge less than 3 metres wide made of logs.

Stand: A group of trees similar in species, size and age.

Switchbacks: A trail design used on steep slopes shaped like an "S" to reduce the slope of the trail