Module 9: Woodlot Recreation

Lesson Six - Your Recreational Plan


If you have worked through the previous lessons, most of the your work - the mental work anyway - is done. You have learned how to manage your woodlot for recreation and have a realistic recreational plan based on a wide range of factors.

Each lesson presented a set of factors that affect your recreational plan.

In Lesson Two, you developed your first list of recreational goals and objectives after considering: what exists now on your woodlot, what exists in the community, partnering possibilities, and public or personal use.

In Lesson Three, you considered the effects of woodlot features, and commercial forestry on your recreation potential and modified your plan as needed.

And in Lesson Four, you learned how to use silviculture, and create trails and various structures to improve recreational activities.

Other factors specific to your situation also need to be considered. Looking at your plan once again, you need to ask yourself if you have the time, ability and resources to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Has your final list changed much from your first list?


Your plan will continue to evolve as factors continue to change on your woodlot and in your life but it is a good starting point. Which goal and objectives do you want to work on first? How long do you estimate they will take to accomplish? Will it take more than one year? If so divide the actions into Year One, Year two etc. Write out a plan of action for each goal and objective.


Now comes the fun part after all that work. Get out your woodlot map. Using your recreational plan, update your map to include new recreational opportunities you want to create. Draw longer trail systems, irregular edge, ponds, cabins, scenic view points, everything you would like to do. If it is too crowded, you may need to use different copies for different opportunities or enlarge your map.


This module has set out to show how outdoor recreation can be managed along with other woodlot values and that managing can improve recreation on your woodlot. Each woodlot and woodlot owner is different so you will need to adapt this information to your situation. May your efforts be rewarded with days of enjoyment.