Module 15: Pests of the Acadian Forest

Pests of the Acadian Forest

For many of us, the “Pests of the Acadian Forest” are simply  mosquitoes  and black flies. We may not be as familiar with  other  insect  pests.  As woodland owners, you may know about tree species and silviculture treatments but not as much about pests unless there has been an outbreak of some kind on your land. For some owners, it may be their first encounter with insect damage and trying to understand it brings them to this module.

Insects are everywhere on your woodland – in the air, on the trees, and in the soil. Each one has a purpose and sometimes their purpose is at odds with your goals for a woodland.

Many insects have a beneficial role in the forest ecology but this module focuses on the ones that can cause unwanted  effects on your woodland. Pest activity can result in economic loss, habitat loss and unsightly stands. Damage may also be caused by tree diseases but these are not covered in this module.

This module begins with an introduction  to pest impacts, good and bad, and how pests are classified and managed. It then examines softwoods and hardwoods separately, and what to look for in terms of insect damage.  It also explains how to collect and send samples in case you need further help identifying the insect. A glossary of terms referred to throughout the module is provided in Appendix B.

It can be alarming for a woodland owner to notice insect damage in the trees on their woodland.

You may wonder if the trees will survive and if the infestation will spread to other parts of your woodland. You may want to know what insect is causing the damage and what you can do about it.

The objectives of this module are :

• To recognize the signs and symptoms of insect damage

• To learn the basics about insects that could cause damage

• To learn about treatments and how to get help if you need it

A companion field guide has been developed to

use outside on the woodland. It has colour photos and descriptions of over 50 common forest pests. These pest descriptions are divided into two groups: those pests that affect softwood and those that affect hardwood trees.

Studying the module beforehand will help you use the field guide. Once you become familiar with the basic insect types and damage in this module, you can use the guide to identify the insects causing damage to your trees and some treatment options.