Module 12: Small Scale Harvesting Equipment - What's Right For You?

Appendix C - Glossary

Cone : This is a metal cone shaped accessory attached to the end one or more logs when skidding to help them slide.

Forwarding: This is when logs are transported with both ends off the ground.

Grapple: A grapple is a set of tongs attached to the end of a cable to skid or load a log.

Ground speed: Ground speed is when the speed of the PTO varies with the speed of the tractor on the ground rather than the RPMs of the engine.

Hydraulics: Hydraulics is a power system using hoses and pressurized fluid.

Pan: A pan is a metal accessory used like a pan except it can take two or more logs.

PTO: This stands for Power Take Off. This is a power system that works off the drive shaft off the engine.

Riparian zones: These are areas along streams and other waters where less cutting is allowed to protect wildlife habitat and improve water quality.

Skidding: This is when one or both ends of the log are on the ground while being moved.

Three point hitch: This is a setup on the back of the tractor that moves up and down and where attahcments can be bolted on.

Winch: A winch is a drum and a cable system used to winch in logs. It can be powered by hand, hydraulics, the PTO or be electric.

Winching: This is when a log or logs are attached to a cable and then moved along the ground toward the machine or person supplying the power.